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Cool Sound Clips

This is my first attempt at creating a sub directory page, so right now it is pretty plain, but I will start to work immediately. It should turn out pretty good. Sign my guestbook with any ideas. Oh, don't forget, some of these links take a little while to load, so you may want to minimize it while you look around.
Point of Grace-Keep the Candle Burning
Phillips, Craig, and Dean-Mercy Came Running
Jaci Velasquez-I Promise
Jaci Velasquez-Flower In the Rain
4-Him-The Message
DC Talk-Jesus Freak
DC Talk-In the Light
Big Tent Revival-Two Sets of Joneses
Jars of Clay-Flood
Boyz II Men-I'll Make Love To You
Aaron Hall-I Miss You
Tupac Shakur-Life Goes On (RIP)
R. Kelly-I Can't Sleep Baby

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